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The pros and cons of shared hosting & why beginners should buy it?

Here I am going to tell you about the pros and cons of shared hosting and why beginners should buy it?

What is shared hosting?
Shared hosting is one of the packages of web hosting companies where you be provided a common server means you will be sharing the server with some other users. this benefits in the less cost on hosting service and you can get good servers in just little amount.
Every company offers a different type of plans which can fit your need of usage and one of the most used web hosting plans is shared hosting.

How good is shared hosting?
Shared hosting is the basic plan of most of the web hosting companies as the name defines that you will be sharing the server with other users so the cost of the plan will be not so expensive and everyone who are planning to start their own blog or website then in the little investment they can start.
There are other best plans also like cloud hosting, VPX hosting which are the advanced hosting service for the dynamic website and is sufficient to handle any amount of traffic very easily however the price of this plans are very expensive for a beginner.
That is why most of the people go with the shared hosting package because it is cheap and sufficient to handle a new blog as there is no load of traffic and you don’t need high-performance servers and can save some money on it. however, you can anytime shift from shared to other advance servers once your website starts getting a load.

Why should beginners buy shared hosting?
If you are a beginner and wanted to start a blog then at the beginning you don’t have enough money to spend of the expensive services like cloud hosting so it is better to start with the shared hosting in which you don’t have to spend too much and will get the good service enough to fulfill all the need of your blog and website.
Going with shared hosting doesn’t mean that you are stuck on the same position when your website load will start increasing then you can easily shift to advance hosting and till then you may also start earning money from it so then you don’t have to stop yourself from investing. But to reach there you need to start with the basics and shared hosting is one of the ideal choices for beginners.

There are many web hosting companies who are providing shared hosting package but the point to remember is that not all the companies who are providing shared hosting is providing the best services. You can be fooled with the worst and slow servers. so to save you from being cheated I have mentioned two best companies who offer the best-shared hosting plans which you can go with without any worries of the website performance and can focus on the blog freely.
best shared hosting providers for beginner bloggers
1. cloudways
Cloudways is the ideal service provider for beginners as well as professionals because the company has come up with many plans from which you can pick the suitable package according to the usage of your website and blog.
They offer different types of packages specially designed keeping in mind the need for your blog and budget.
Cloudways features
1. PHP 7 servers
The PHP 7x is the fastest servers from the previous servers which provide you amazing speed to handle your website easily.
2. SSD drives
SSD drive is considered as the fastest drives which work smoothly and quick. these drives will increase the performance up to 3x faster than usual drives.
3. Dedicated firewall
Cloudways has the protection of OS level firewalls which will protect your servers from any kind of hack and data breach.
4. one-click SSL certificate installation
In every cloudsway plan, you will be provided a free inbuilt certificate which you can install in just one click. It will increase the user’s trust and make your website genuine.
5. Migration
You don’t have to stress out on the migration process just tell cloudways to migrate your applications and they will take care of everything.
5. Automatic backup
Cloudways offers automatic backup of your website data to other places to protect your content from any kinds of issues.
2. Hostgator
Hostgator is the second most used shared hosting company. Hostgator is well known to provide world-class features and satisfied its users with the supports and offers.
1. one-click install
Hostgator provides one-click install features from which you don’t have to do coding to implements certain features and can easily install WordPress in just one click.
2. flexible plans
Hostgator offers a wide range of plans which are designed for you and provides different operating servers like Linux shared, windows shared and cloud hosting.

3. award winning customer support
When it comes to customer support then Hostgator is far better than other companies. The customer support is always there to support you in any situation. They are available to help you in 24×7.
4. fastest page loading
The speed of your page load is increased by the fastest servers of Hostgator and your visitors will experience fast page loads and will be impressed. This will increase the visitor’s trust and they will come back again on your website.
now let’s see the pros and cons of shared hosting
● Affordable price for begineers
● Good quality servers with sufficient amount of features
● Recommended by professional to start with
● Provides good support
● Shared among other users which sometimes can slow down the servers
● The shared users can put the load on the servers and it may affect your website performance.
So here was the pros and cons of shared hosting and why beginners should buy it.

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