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Inside the Mind of the Poker Fish

If you’ve ever played online poker for long, you know the pain of losing to junk when someone does something completely foolish all too well. It may cause you to question if the site is rigged, and why on earth could this person ever think that calling with that hand was a good idea. Well this article may help to explain three of the many hidden thoughts of the poker ignorant, commonly referred to as the poker “fish.”
1. “I saw the pro do it on TV!”

There is no denying that poker has found an increase in popularity thanks to the numerous poker shows on television. People enjoy watching their favorite pros make excellent bluffs or great call downs with bottom pair and believe that they can do the same. Therefore they’re going to try to do the same, and unfortunately they’re going to end up doing it to you. What the “fish” forgets to realize is that there were plenty of hands that weren’t shown on television that would’ve been crucial in illustrating why that bluff or call down had a chance of working. This tends to go hand in hand with the second most commonly misused thought process.

2. “I had pot odds!”

The concept of “pot odds” in poker is important in determining whether or not an action – such as calling an all-in – is profitable to a person in the long run. It’s very useful knowledge to have, as it will tell you if making the call to try to improve your hand is worth while. However it is often used incorrectly by “fish” who wish to justify their plays. People like the guy that played 72 off in the example might have been the type to use “pot odds” to justify the call. However, upon trying to use pot odds correctly, you find out that it is incorrect to call $60 more dollars to win a pot of $200 in that situation.

3. Playing on the internet, no one can laugh in your face.

Thanks to the internet, people can use anonymity¬†agen idn poker online to do things they wouldn’t dream of doing in real life. Some people become internet forum trolls. Some people venture into communities that they don’t have access to in their local area. Finally, some people just play really bad poker. At a casino, they may have to show their cards to everyone and come face to face with ridicule at how lousy of a player they are. On the internet, they can play badly from the safety of their own home and if they don’t like the name calling, they can just move onto another table with the click of a mouse. This allows people to feel more comfortable playing badly, and if you’re a good player you will be the victim of this bad play more often than others.

There are plenty of other reasons why the poker “fish” may choose to play poorly. Maybe the cards were suited and it forced them to call. Maybe the hand they had was their favorite hand. Maybe the stars were aligned and they felt lucky. Whatever it is, if you play long enough it will happen to you. At those times all you can do is sit back, take a breather, and get back in the game if you think you can still win for the night. After all if they keep playing as bad as they do, they will eventually go broke, and hopefully you’ll be around to reap from their mistakes.

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