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5 Tips to Help You Buy Your First Telescope

Another problem is that reflecting telescopes may need to have the mirrors adjusted from time to time to keep them working perfectly and to maximize the light that is captured.
Are you thinking of buying a telescope? Perhaps you are wondering – what are the differences between refracting telescopes and reflecting telescopes, and which are better refracting telescopes or reflecting best telescope for viewing planets. As you read this article, you will discover more about which is the best telescope to purchase.

There are many different telescopes for sale. These different telescopes, however, fall into mainly 2 categories. The first is refracting telescopes, which is the one that reminds us most of Galileo’s telescope. The other is reflecting telescopes, which is commonly attributed with Isaac Newton.

Both refracting telescopes and reflecting telescopes have benefits, advantages and disadvantages. The key element here is that your needs are the main focus, and as you read this article, you will discover which type of telescope is best for your needs in backyard astronomy.

– Information About Refracting Telescopes
The design of the refracting telescope is also the type you find on binoculars, though in pairs! How a refracting telescope works, is that there is a lens at the front of the optical tube assembly.

Light enters the optical tube assembly, and goes right to the lenses at the back of the telescope. And finally meets the eye, where an image of Saturn, perhaps can be seen.

A refracting telescope is good, in that it is enclosed. The simple design, allows it to be maintenance free, for a number of years. The simple design also makes it easy to use, which is great as a telescope for children.

– Information About Reflecting Telescopes
How reflecting telescopes work, is that light enters the optical tube assembly, and goes straight to the back of the telescope, where it meets a big mirror. This mirror then reflects the light back up the tube.

Now, the light meets a secondary mirror, which is near to the top of the telescope. As the light bounces, it enters the lenses, and finally meets the eye.

Reflector telescopes are great in that they offer good price verses performance ratio. Reflecting telescopes can be much larger than refracting telescopes.

– Refracting Telescopes Compared With Reflecting Telescopes
Realize however, that the refracting telescopes are not cheap. Compared with reflecting telescopes they can be more expensive for similar performance.

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